Best Under Cabinet Toaster Oven

Find Best Under Cabinet Toaster Oven for Your Kitchen!

There are quite a number of under cabinet toaster oven in the market presently and needless to say, it would be quite a challenge for you to be able to find the best one for you. For this reason, there are quite a number of under counter toaster oven that you need to consider before going for the one you think will serve you best.

black-decker-tros1000Black & Decker TROS1000 Toaster Oven

Save counter space with easy under the cabinet mounting Fits up to 4 slices of toast or a 9" pizza LED display & digital controls 1-touch settingstoast, bake & keep warm 30-min timer Drop-down...
Brand: Black+DeckerMerchant: Walmart US

The Black & Decker TROS1000 is designed to perfectly fit under the cabinet to make it save counter space. The stainless steel toaster oven features robust construction and also offers lots of cooking options which include toast, keep-warm and bake functions.

Thanks to the SpaceMaker’s touch control buttons, the under counter toaster oven is very easy to operate. Its LCD screen makes it easy for you to select desired settings. Designed with a generous interior, it enables you to cook bigger food portions like four bread slices and 9-inch frozen pizza at a time. The under the counter toaster oven also comes with a Save-a-Plug outlet that connects to another SpaceMaker Gadget as mini food grinder/food processor or can opener.

Main features

This under cabinet toaster oven contains LCD display and touch button controls to make operating it a breezeIt has many functions like keep-warm, bake, broil and toast; time/temp decrease or increase buttons and a 30-minute timerSpacious interior that can accommodate a 9-inch pizza or even 4 bread slices at a go.


The Pros

button-2It has a larger capacity compared to previous models. You can make a pizza as large as 9 inches or even four slices of bread at ago.

button-2It makes great toast. Take note that you will no longer be able to broil, something that is perfectly okay.

button-2It is also a lot easier to open bottom tray and remove crumbs compared to earlier models.


The Cons

button 1No tray: Previous models came with proper size trays but this one does not have a crumb tray.

button 1The door is a worry: The door opens on 1 hinge to a rather unstable position. Earlier models came with hinge on both sides of the door that opened to firm position.



Choosing a toaster oven is no mean achievement. There are lots of brands in the market and all of them will not deliver to the same standards. The good news is that there are rally some top brands that rarely disappoint. We have highlighted these in the above section to help you choose a toaster oven that gives you biggest bang for your back.



Top 5 Toaster Oven Brands in the Market

If you want the best toaster oven to meet all your needs, it is important that you take your time and do proper research. But in most cases, time is a rarity. That is why in this article, we take the trouble to reveal the top five brands of toaster ovens. These are reputable brands that have consistently given top results for many years. Take a look at these best toaster oven brands.


black and decker brand

When it comes to toaster ovens, Black & Decker brand is an industry leader. These ovens give you cooking versatility and convenience right to your countertop. You can use them to broil, bake or even reheat your best dishes and also toast up to six bread slices and cook a pizza as large as 12 inches. Through the Perfect Broil System, these ovens let you customize each single meal with different broil temperatures as well as multiple-rack height positions. They use convection technology which not only bakes faster but also more evenly up to nearly 450 degrees which delivers fantastic results all the time. They come with a Broil Rack, Removable Crumb Tray, Bake Pan and instruction manual.

This brand of toaster ovens is definitely 5-star. They are wonderful midsized countertop ovens that are very attractive and come with decent basic features. They have easy dials, toast evenly and have fantastic size interior.




breville brand

The Breville brand of toaster ovens are ultra-compact and occupy the least counter space. They basically do all the thinking for you. The toaster ovens come with 8 preset functions which simplify everything whether you want to heat an 11-inch pizza or make toast. The toaster ovens also come with a smart internal sensor technology calculates cooking times as well as adjusts heat. It toasts evenly, bakes perfect pizza, roasts succulent meat and makes delicious cookies. Its convection option means that you can cook your food 30% faster.



button 3Have spacious interior to accommodate even an 11-inch pizza.

button 38 preset functions that include bagel, toast, roast, broil, bake, reheat, cookies and pizza.

button 3Their heat setting range is 120 F to 450 F.

button 3Include a smart internal sensor technology that adjusts power automatically and also calculates cooking time.

button 3They have back-lit LCD screens that are easy to read and which also change color signaling that cooking is complete.

button 3Consume much less space.

button 3Cleaning is simple due to pullout crumb tray.




If you are out to get a top of the line convection toaster oven, then you need not look beyond the Cuisinart brand. This brand of toaster ovens was simply built with the busy people in mind. As opposed to the normal oven, they take just a few minutes and the food will have been warmed up. This makes it very convenient. To many people, the Cuisinart brand of ovens also double up as replacement ovens as they are like full ovens but in smaller sizes.

Toasting & Cooking

One of the things that make Cuisinart ovens tick is because of the ability of the ovens to toast and cook so well and a lot faster than an ordinary oven. The ovens come with 4 versatile cooking options that you can choose from and these are pizza/bake, toast, broil and convection.

It also has very easy-to-use controls as well as instruction manuals. Other important things worth noting about Cuisinart brand of toaster ovens are easy cleaning, non-stick walls and spacious interiors.




oster brand


If your needs for a toaster oven are few and simple, then you may find that the Oster brand of toaster ovens are the perfect fit. The ovens are known for doing a fantastic job of broiling and baking and also turn in fairly persistent toast batch after batch. However, they do not have great interior space and cannot hold many slices of bread (limited to just four slices of bread.) They also rarely come with broiler rack or even a room to put a layer cake pan.

Standout features of Oster Brand toaster ovens

button 3They toast quite consistently.

button 3They are perfect at broiling.

button 3They are very good when it comes to baking.

button 3Take up little counter space.

In addition, the Oster brand of ovens is backed by 1-year Warranty and also has very easy controls. In case you have a problem with any of the brands, you can always refer to the user manual that is also included in the accessories that the product comes with.





Hamilton Beach brand of toaster ovens are not only efficient but also attractive additions to any busy kitchen. This is down to their ability to maximize efficiency, power and convenience. If you are looking to get the best toaster oven for all your needs, then you may want to consider Hamilton Beach brands because of the mighty space savings that they will give you.

Hamilton Beach ovens come with various practical features as well as temperature options that make them incredibly versatile. Irrespective of whether you want an oven to make quick crispy pizza or you are looking for revolving rotisserie for succulent meat, you can expect to find the best toaster oven for you from Hamilton Beach.

These toaster ovens can toast English muffins, bagels as well as other brands with delicious results time after time. What’s more, majority of these models come with bake pan and broil grid, removable crumb tray which helps in easy cleaning and ready-bell timer.



How to Select Under Cabinet Toaster Oven for Your Kitchen!


buttonYour Objectives:

First and foremost, you will be required to make sure that you know what you want to use the under cabinet toaster oven for. If you want to use your toaster oven for commercial purposes, maybe you want it for your bistro or little restaurant that you just started, and then it would be a nice idea for you to go for one that has a bigger interior space.

The opposite is effective when you are looking to get the best under the counter toaster oven for your little kitchen. Once you are sure about your reason for getting the under counter toaster oven, getting to select the best one for you will be easy.



The next thing that you ought to consider is the price of the under cabinet toaster oven that you want to buy. It is a known fact that not each and every one of us is financially stable. Financial abilities will always differ from one person to the next.

So for you to get that appropriate under the counter toaster oven, you have to put the price into consideration. eading the reviews about the toasters can also go a long way in helping you to get the one that suits you the most.


buttonDesign and Features:

Another thing that you ought to consider before going for the best under cabinet toaster oven is the maket. They do come in different makes from different manufacturers. Ensure that you pick out a under counter toaster oven that is made with your favorite manufacturer since it will make it appealing to you and your personal fetishes.

It would be absurd for you to go for something that does not make you happy and make you have that grim face each and every time that you are backing which should not be the case. Baking, broiling or toasting for that matter should be a scintillating practice that makes you smile each and every time.


buttonEase of Usage:

You should also check out the ease of usage. This simply means how simple it is to operate the under cabinet toaster oven. It would be absurd for you to still be operating the under counter toaster oven with a manual a year after its purchase. It is more than absurd. It is more of awkward to be precise.

So you should therefore go for a make that is easy to operate. But if you are into more complicated gadgets, then you can as well go for a brand that offers just that. The good thing about the under the counter toaster oven is that they do have everything for just about everybody.


buttonEasy to Clean Up:

Finally, look for a under cabinet toaster oven that you find a little bit easy to clean up. Different people do find different toasters easy to clean up. If you have absolutely no idea about how to go about cleaning the under counter toaster oven of your choice, then visiting the business website to check the instructions out will not hurt.

You might as well take the precaution and visit the stores physically so that you can get that first-hand experience about the machines which is an incredible thing to do. Ask as many questions as possible for your own benefit.

Remember to go for the brand that everyone is looking out under the cabinet toaster oven for so as to avoid problems in the future but that will depend on the user. And like it has been stated above, always go for one that will be convenient to you at all times and needless to say, be your money’s worth.



Top Rated Best Toaster Oven in Market!


Cuisinart Tob-40 Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler

cuisinart tob-40This Cuisinart TOB-40 is a darling as described by many customers when reviewing it simply because it is not only easy to use but it is known for lasting long. It is very affordable and its features are just out of this world.

The automatic shutoff technology is amazing given the fact that the chances of food overcooking are eliminated completely. There are some cases where the person who is supposed to be watching as the food is cooking gets engrossed in other things and forgets. This is where this feature comes in handy.

Once the food is cooked, the oven will automatically shutoff and an alarm will be sounded for you to come and get your food. The oven also has the all-important auto-slide out rack which makes it very easy to transfer food from the oven to the food which is amazing.

Lastly, this oven is very affordable in as much as it has all the modern and convenient features and it is for this reason that the population fell in love with this make from the beginning. You will take just a couple of minutes to learn more and more about this amazing machine and needless to say, you will have the time of your life using it.

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Panasonic Nb-G110p Flash Xpress Toaster Oven

panasonic-nb-g110pThe Panasonic Nb-G110P Flash Xpress toaster oven is highly rated by those customers who had that all important opportunity to use it at one point.

It is also very affordable and for that matter, people always find it very convenient to go out there and purchase it which is a good thing since not everyone who needs this toaster oven is financially stable.

This toaster oven comes with the all-important keep warm controls for broiling, baking as well as toasting making sure that your food is warm if the people who are to eat it up delay for some reason.

The removable crumb tray is usually awesome since it makes it easy to clean it as well as retrieve the cooked pizza or whatever it is you are cooking. This toaster oven also comes with the all-important exclusive technology that allows it to toast bread to cook approximately 30% better than the other ordinary toaster ovens which is good.

Apart from the thirty minute timer feature, this oven has the all-important stay on feature that allows the oven to keep on baking for longer than thirty minutes. All you need to do is manipulate the settings to time that you want the baking to take and all will be sorted out without a doubt.

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Breville Bov800xl Smart Oven

breville bov800xlOne thing that sure stands out about this unique toaster is its ability to save energy while still making the best grill ever. It is known for having that all important and very unique element IQ feature which allows it to control the heat without much pressure.

Another feature that this amazing toaster oven has is the all-important preset function that is very easy to go about. This will allow you to easily cook your food without any problems whatsoever and at still get the heating that is appropriate.

This Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven is also known for withstanding the test of time as long as you also take your turn and make sure that you are taking good care of it.

The blue back lid LCD lighting will turn to orange during back heating and you will most definitely know that your toaster is working pretty well when this happens. The control panel is user friendly and by it simply means that it is very easy to use and will see to it that you are sorted in the best way possible.

The auto eject wave rack is also an added advantage and will make you retrieve the food with ease even if it’s still hot.

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Oster TSSTTVMNDG Digital Large Capacity Toaster Oven

oster tssttvmndgThis digital large capacity toaster managed to make the news after it was ranked one of the best toasters of 2011 and it continues to make consumers a satisfied lot to this day.

The cooking done by this toaster is even and this is because of the all-important convectional technology which adds to the fact that it has an edge. It is also very easy to handle and it might just take a newbie a couple of minutes to figure out how to go about it.

Another striking property that this all important oven has is the flawless digital control and this is just to make sure that you don’t strain when you are making your food. If anything, the digital control is featured in the manual and therefore you shouldn’t find it difficult to go about mastering it at all.

You will always be in a position to go ahead and set the time which the cooking stops and you will check out the digital clock as the time elapses. It is a 6 slice toaster and therefore can prepare a snack for four to six.

The two rack positions also make it a whole lot easier to manage it at the end of the day. It is also very easy to clean and therefore should be a very easy thing to do on a regular basis. It’s also very affordable and therefore economical at the end of the day.

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Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ

breville bov450xlThis particular toaster oven is known for its very amazing element IQ technology that allow it to achieve an even cooking of the food you are preparing which is an amazing feature.

The element that is used to make this amazing toaster oven is the all-important 4 quartz material which is very good at responding to heat changes which makes it a notch higher than the normal toaster oven.

The Breville BOV450XL also does come with 8 functional cooking presets and therefore allows it to cook a wider variety of foods and needless to say, it is a feature only known to a handful of toaster ovens.

This oven also has got three rack positions which make it convenient especially when it comes to the removal of hot food from the toaster oven.

This amazing oven is also known for being very affordable and that is why many people are going for it as opposed to the other ordinary toaster ovens in the market. With a 0.45 inch cubed interior, this 4 slice toaster can accommodate up to an eleven inch pizza which is amazing since it can make enough pizza for many people since it also can cook very fast.

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Hamilton Beach 31333 Convection Toaster Oven

hamilton beach 31333Also according to many reviews, this Hamilton Beach 31333 convection toaster oven has managed to appear severally as the consumer choice for best oven. The convection feature ensures that the food which you are broiling or toasting is evenly cooked and this is amazing.

The curved glass door will also make sure that you have an added advantage since you can see how your food is cooking while still in the oven and this is to make sure that you easily monitor the progress of your cooking.

The Hamilton beach 31333 convection toaster ovens also have got the toast, broil as well as the baking settings which are very easy to understand at the end of the day. If not, then you can check out the manual which has all of these things stipulated.

Once you get this one right, you can achieve better results when cooking. The interior space in this magnificent convection toaster is enough to fit in a twelve inch pizza and cook it perfectly.

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Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven

breville bov650xlThe Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven is not only a very efficient oven but it also ensures that you save lots of money as far as your energy bill is concerned.

This is because this oven will only consume 1800 watts of electricity and still deliver the results just like the other top rated toaster ovens in the market.

This toaster oven has a tempered glass door that will see to it that you have been sorted especially if you want to monitor the progress of the food that is cooking in there. The removable crumb tray makes it very easy for one to clean it up and for that matter; it would be a good thing for you to take advantage of that and make it a thing that you do on a regular basis.

The other amazing feature that this toaster has is the ten inch by ten inch baking pan which provides enough room for you to bake your bread and on top of that, it will make sure that you do not have crumbs falling all over the oven and hence makes the cleaning experience nothing short of a breeze.

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Hamilton Beach 31511 Stainless Steel 6-Slice Toaster Oven

hamilton beach 31511The Hamilton Beach 31511 is long lasting and true to its name, it is made of stainless steel meaning that it cannot be affected by rust.

Apart from taking care of the rust problem, this toast oven is important in the sense that it will give you a chance to clean it without having any problems at all.

This toaster oven is also advantageous since it has the baking, broiling as well as toasting settings which is actually makes using it very easy and straight to the point.

Another important feature is the thirty minutes timer which also comes with the ready bell which will alert you the time when the food has been cooked to completion which is amazing. It also has the automatic shutoff which makes sure that your food isn’t going to overcook at any given time which is good.

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Black & Decker TRO480BS Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Toaster Oven

black & decker tro480bsThis Black & Decker TRO480BS is famous for its large capacity and it is usually preferred for those who want to use it for commercial purposes since it can have lots space for toasting food for many clients.

Since it is affordable, it would go a long way in serving you better in your small business or if you have a big family.

This four slice toaster oven will cook the food very fast and without any flaws such as having some places which are not cooked well.

It also has that all-important keep warming function regardless of whether or not you are toasting, broiling or baking which is a good thing at the end of the day.

When it comes to temperature control, this toaster oven is in its own special league. It can be regulated with ease and it can fire up to the tune of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a thirty minute time which will make sure that you have been sorted in the event that you want to cook for a long time.

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Black & Decker TO1332SBD 4-Slice Toaster Oven

black and- decker to1332sbdThe Black & Decker TO1332SBD is affordable and many people find it very convenient to buy. And given its outstanding qualities, it’s no wonder people everywhere are making an effort to purchase them over the ordinary toaster ovens which is an amazing thing indeed.

It is very classy and easy to clean and that is also another reason why everyone wants a piece of it which is an amazing thing at the end of the day.

Another feature that makes this toaster oven even way better is the ability of the oven to calculate cooking time for break and once the bread has been cooked well; it will switch off automatically which is an amazing feature at the end of the day which is just super amazing.

It is also suitable for people who dread technology and this is thanks to the all-important 6-menu illustrated presets buttons for easy use. When it comes to cleaning it up, you can be rest assured that you will have such a nice time doing so since it has some removable parts that can be cleaned with ease before being put back where they belong.

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How to Clean Under Cabinet Toaster Oven

When it comes to cleaning of your under cabinet toaster oven, there are several things that you need to consider before you can land on the most appropriate ways of doing this.

under counter toaster ovenThe Materials

First and foremost, you need to check out the make as well as the materials that have been used to construct the oven.

As a matter of fact, it is a good thing for you to do a little bit of research online or from experienced friends on how you can go about doing this right.

Learning about the Different Stains

The other thing that you ought to know about cleaning your under cabinet toaster oven is learning about the different stains. For instance, you cannot apply the same technique of cleaning between greasy stains and when you have just finished baking and there are some bread crumbs in the oven.

It would be more than absurd for you to go ahead and simply wipe the grease because you will be spreading it and not cleaning it. at the end of the day, always learn the technique that works best for you and you will be on the safe side.


How to Clean a Toaster (Oven)



Simple Tips for Clean Under Counter Toaster Oven

If you are looking to clean some bread crumbs from your under counter toaster oven, then the best thing that you can do is just wipe it with a clean and dry piece of cloth. But if you are dealing with grease stains especially if they are from your favorite juicy stake, then there are a number of ways in which you can use to take care of these stains.

under the cabinet toaster ovenThe easiest ways in which you can take care of that ugly splatter from the juicy bacon you had last night is by using hot water and ordinary dish soap.

Make sure that the under counter toaster oven is pretty much disconnected from the power source before you can ensure that you have done anything.

The other popular way is filling a metallic pan with water to the top and adding lots of real lemon juice while stirring it. Once this has been done, the next thing that you will be required to do is turning on the under the counter toaster oven up to 250 degrees Celsius and letting the water evaporate.

After all the water has evaporated, switch the toaster off and then embark on wiping the doors before going to the interior. Do the wiping before the oven cools because the grease can only be loose when still warm.

under the counter toaster ovenIf the above technique does not bear any fruits, you can as well spray 60% vinegar and 40% water into the under the cabinet toaster oven (Must be hot water solution). Then wait for approximately 5 minutes before you can start cleaning. Repeat for a number of times depending on the thickness of the grease.

It is a good thing for you to always take your time to check in and see just how thick it is before you can proceed with the consecutive wash and then rinse out thoroughly. You will most definitely get the best results at the end of the day.

You can also take a leap of faith and use the all-important oven cleaner though there have been speculations that it can damage the interior of your under the cabinet toaster oven when used on a continuous basis.

As stated above, always make sure that you know the kind of material used to make your under counter toaster oven so that you can know the best way in which you can have it cleaned. And for hygienic purposes, it would be a good thing for you to make it a routine to clean your under cabinet toaster oven so that you stay healthy and away from infections.

There are many more ways in which you can use to clean your under cabinet toaster oven and you can as well do some research online and make your discovery.